Darrin Howell Endorsed by the Democratic Party

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In a sweeping vote, the Ward 15 Democratic Party endorsed Darrin Howell for State Representative on July 21! The endorsement is among the most critical in the race for 5th Suffolk, as the ward covers close to half of all voters in the district.

Many Ward Committee members acknowledged the benefit of having more than one quality candidate, but ultimately endorsed Howell due to his strong relationships with progressive Representatives and Senators, his history of direct action, and a reputation for strong advocacy on behalf of working people.

“Darrin Howell will not need any on-the-job training,” said Ward Committee Secretary Janet Jones, who advocated for Howell. “He’ll be ready on day one to represent our district in the House.”

Committee member Davida Andelman agreed, saying: “I cannot wait for another learning curve in another elected official. I want action now, and Darrin is ready to represent the many needs of the district immediately.” 

Ward Committee members will begin a robust Democratic outreach effort on Howell’s behalf immediately.

Read the full press release from the W15 Democratic Committee.

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