We support Darrin Howell because he walks the walk!

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As progressive elected officials, community leaders and advocacy organizations, we are proud to stand with Darrin Howell for State Representative because we know he will continue to stand up for working families and seniors in Dorchester and Roxbury!

And we’re not alone. Darrin Howell is…

  • Endorsed by the Democratic Party and progressive legislators who are leading the charge to make housing more affordable
  • Backed by major labor unions and workers’ rights organizations in the fight for better jobs and higher wages for everyone
  • Supported by law enforcement officials, neighborhood leaders and reform advocates who are working together to keep our young people and communities safe
  • Recommended by teachers, parents and student leaders who understand the importance of investments in public education and childcare

Check our endorsement page to hear first-hand from leaders on why we’re standing with Darrin Howell!

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