Darrin Howell has dedicated his life to helping area families overcome challenges and build stronger neighborhoods. He’ll bring a fresh, unapologetic and action-focused approach to the State House as our next Representative!



Access to safe, clean, affordable housing is critical to the health of our community. Without it, our neighbors have no hope of reaching for more. So in many ways, housing is among the first issues we need to tackle when considering public investments.

Step 1 is to ensure communities like Dorchester and Roxbury receive our share of federal Housing Voucher and HUD program budgets. Step 2 is to use a portion of those resources to hasten development of affordable units in the City of Boston and other gateway cities. And in the face of ever-rising rent and gentrification threats, we must ensure individuals and families are not displaced or left without a place to call home.


Action on Housing

Constituent Services


As a parent of children in BPS, the challenges facing our public education system are real to Darrin. Recent changes to our outdated school funding formula may be a significant step — but it’s just the beginning of a long-overdue conversation regarding the significant investments that are needed to properly fund education.

At the K-12 level, we need to reduce class sizes and maximize time in the classroom. And we must double down on programs that help our youth realize their full potential and prepare them for jobs in the modern economy.

Equally important is full funding of early childhood education and Universal Pre-K programs, including elimination of the wait list for affordable childcare.



As a survivor of community violence and longtime advocate for reform, these issues are close to Darrin’s heart. We need real action to expand community policing and connect young people with after-school programs and jobs.

Action on Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform

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Unemployment and under-employment relate directly to crime rates, substance abuse, child safety and so much more. There’s no better way to tackle these challenges than by bringing family-supporting jobs to our community.



The Millionaire’s Tax would have generated the necessary revenue to deal with our serious transportation/infrastructure challenges. Without that funding, one of Darrin’s top priorities is to support regional ballot initiatives that engage people directly and help fund public transit, roads, bikeways and other projects. Another priority is to significantly improve funding for our Regional Transit Authorities to foster a stronger public transit network while preventing service cuts and fare increases.



Despite being a so-called “progressive state” and the known high stakes for our coastal communities and beyond, Darrin doesn’t believe our elected leaders in Massachusetts have taken the devastating effects of climate change seriously enough. Our first line of defense should be offense: mitigate the damage done by past action/inaction, bolster our environmental protection efforts, and invest in renewable energy sources. Combined, these efforts will slow down the pace of change.



We need immigration policies that are compassionate, based in human dignity and recognize the realities of people’s lives. Period. It is shameful that the legislature couldn’t manage to pass the Safe Communities Act at a time when we should be doing all we can to protect our neighbors and put a stop to any effort that enables the humanitarian crisis created by Donald Trump. Darrin will do all he can to support the work of MIRA, SIM and other local organizations who are driving these issues forward.